Spring nature

The renewing of powerful nature

The beginning of spring could be not in accordance with the calendar one and till the middle of March looks rather like the end of winter .However,the high water in river and lake shows that the season is changed .The same situation happens with the raising temperature and,obviously,the longitude of a days.

In April nobody doubts that spring rules over the nature, bright blossoming, steady warm weather is the mostly visible attributes of month power .

Spring phenomena in nature

Spring leaves a mark on every around

As are many of urbanisation contemporary ,even the people whose work is more closely correlated to the nature can not afford themselves to stop to amaze of the metamorphosis.

The processes of the nature reincarnation ,spring demonstrations the highest level of delicacy. Melting snow allows the ground to be feet properly with the water and minerals,giving the way to get force hidden sprouts .

Animals in spring

The revival of animalistic force

The animals can happily given up their forced winter hibernation and think how to compensate the month of starvation and struggling with low temperatures.

The new grass , young soft leaves of the bushes have attracted a bewildering number of creatures that have still had dought about the new season coming .The metabolic processes are accelerated in the proposition to the sun energy. The pick of it is noticed in the binging of May.

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