Faith, belief and superstition

The closeness of death made belief – and its opposite- a pressing issue for the millions of men serving on the front and for those left behind at home. The soeity of the was day profoundly regious one, with Faith intregate into all aspects of life. Yet the religious picture of pre-war society was also a complex one , with a dense range of belief and superstition varying from village to village and region to region,as much as from one soul to the next. Russian serfs Punjabi volunteers , Lyonnias republican different in their belief ,unbelief, conformity and commitment as much as they sharing a common view of life and death.

Superstition and fatalism

It is hard for historians to measure, or even define, what Faith meant for men at the front . For societies deeply infused with religion tradition and practice ,it seems only natural that religious symbols were called upon during the intense experience of industrialised war. Stories of angels aiding wounded soldiers quickly took roots inthe population imagination – at home as well as at the front.

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