Regional Transport Office.

Regional Transport Office (RTO)

The Motor Vehicles Department has been established under section 213(1) of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. This is a central act applicable throughout the country. Motor vehicle department is responsible for enforcing various provisions of this act. This department is headed by the Transport Commissioner.

Every state and city have their own RTO (Regional Transport Office). Every R.T.O is responsible to carry out the functions and activities that are laid out in Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.

Functions of the Regional Transport Office (R.T.O)

  • Enforce the provisions of the various acts of Motor Vehicles, the central motor vehicles rules and the state motor vehicles rules as laid down by the government from time to time.
  • Ensure co-ordinated development of road transport through management of permit .
  • Charge and collect tax as per the provisions of the vehicles act .

Activities performed by RTO

  • Registration of vehicles
  • Motor vehicle tax collection
  • Issue of licenses for public transit and freight traffic
  • Conduct driving test and issue Learner’s and Permanent driver’s license and renewing the same
  • Maintain database of registered vehicles
  • Vehicle transfer and registration of mortgage transactions
  • Maintaining a proper check on the validity of Insurance on motor vehicles
  • Mechanical inspection of accidental vehicles
  • Grant certificate of fitness to transport vehicles
  • Issue badges to the drivers of public services vehicles like Auto rickshaws and Taxis
  • Issue International driving permits.
  • Vehicle Registration at Regional Transport Office

    Owning a motor vehicle is a dream for most people living in India. If an individual wishes to drive the vehicle in the country, he has to go through the vehicle registration process that is mandatory as per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.

    Documents required for vehicle registration process at Regional Transport Office:

    • Form 20 i.e. application form for registration of the vehicle
    • Age and address proof documents
    • Passport size photographs
    • Form 21 i.e. sales certificate of the vehicle
    • Form 22 i.e. roadworthiness certificate
    • PUC certificate
    • Insurance of the vehicle to be registered
    • For registration of an imported vehicle, customs clearance certificate is required
    • Sales tax certificate, if the vehicle has been bought from one state and has to be registered in the other.
    • No Objection Certificate from RTO and dealer has to be submitted if the vehicle is bought in one state and registered in another state.
    • Temporary registration number
    • Invoice of the vehicle
    • Design approval has to be obtained from Transport Minister for registration of semi-trailer and trailer vehicles
    • Form 34, in case of loan hypothecation
    • Applicable application fees has to be paid

    The vehicle owner will have to visit the RTO with the above documents. The documents need to be submitted and the applicable application fee has to be paid. On verification of the documents and inspection of the vehicle, the vehicle number is issued to the vehicle owner. After 7 days, a registration certificate is issued that acts as a proof stating the registration of the vehicle.

    Re-Registration of a Motor Vehicle in New State

    Re-registration of a motor vehicle can be done if the motor vehicle is moved to a different state. The documents required for re-registration of the vehicle are pretty much the same in addition to which NOC has to be obtained from the vehicle financer and the original registering certificate has to be submitted. On submitting the documents and paying the application fee, the vehicle is re-registered within a span of 15 days.

    Transfer of Vehicle Ownership at Regional Transport Office

    Transfer of vehicle ownership can be done by

    • Application for transfer of vehicle ownership which has to be made in Form 29 and 30
    • If the vehicle is registered in another state, NOC has to be obtained from the RTO where the vehicle was first registered.
    • NOC has to be obtained from the financer if the vehicle is purchased through finance
    • PUC certificate
    • Vehicle insurance certificate
    • Applicable application fees and road taxes
    • Registration certificate of the vehicle
    • Affidavit stating the sale and purchase of the vehicle
    • Age and address proof documents along with passport size photographs.

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