The power of Nature

Nature is a powerful form of therapy and healing in and of itself,and it seems that we have forgotten the restorative power that it holds and always offers with out asking for anything in return .Bringing ourselves in touch with nature given us a freedom that is missing these days,as we over rely on technology and business for entertainment and finance for food ,self – preservation and further distractions from a part of ourselves that cries out to be acknowledged the latest but ever present wild aspect of our being.
Nature’s way also has the effect of slowing us down on a positive sense.” adopt the peace of Nature ,and secret is patience”.modern life has a way of making us speedy and aggressive, hiperactive and ovet- competitive .As we rush through life,jumping from one thing to another,as if it were race to see who can collect the most experience first, we forgot that life is not a race to be truly lived only if we slow down enough to be present for it. speeding almost always comes with stress. We might ask ourselves,” Is the stress we put ourselves under actually worth it ?” At what cost are we so caught up in our endless activities that we have forgot to notice our breathing. In many way,We are lucky that our breath happens by itself because if we had to actually remember to breathe, we might be so busy that we would forgot. Nature ‘s calming effect bring us back to our breath and to our body, which can be called meditation.

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